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Your Shipping Agencies at all Italian Ports - Est. 1998





Our company has been founded in year 1998 and operates in the following fields of activity:

  • Shipping Agencies
  • Ship Brokers
  • Brokerages & Trade
  • Shipping & Chartering
  • Bunkers & Trade
  • Logistics & Containers
  • Sampling, Control & Assistance to the chemical analyses of commodities
  • Cargo Inspections, Ship Inspections And P & I. Clubs 
  • Loading Master
  • Transport & Logistics
  • International Forwarding
  • Ship Broker of Sailboats & Motoryachts
  • Yachting Tour Operator 
  • S. & P. Vessels and Yachts
  • Refuse Transport, Logistics & Trade 
  • Cargo Brokers
  • S. & P. Containers

Our Company operates in different sectors of activity with competence and professionalism since it is availed of qualified technicians which have collaborated and operated in the years with companies as AGIP, ENI, IP, TOTAL , ISAB, ERG, FIAT, ENEL, SHELL, TEXACO etc. and so many other prestigious multinational companies. Our Department maritime agency is availed of collaborators, either young or experienced professionals, and of a highly technology which allows a notable diminution of the business costs offering to the customers (Ship owners, Charterers, Shipbrokers & General Ship Agents).

Our Shipping agency deals with the following branches of activity:

  • Tankers
  • Chemical Carriers
  • Gas Carriers
  • Ship's Bunker
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Crew Shifting
  • Bunker Brokers
  • Shipbrokers & General Ship Agents
  • Assistance for Loading Discharging Operations
  • Offshore Drilling Services

For such operation were are fully equipped by all means and with a staff of skilled personnel. We are in condition to meet with your shipping problems in port, solving them carefully and in due time.

Fasulo Marco (Italia) for the various Ship Agency activities: Liner, Tramp, Car Carrier, Chartering and logistics. The Company’s core business is to act on Shipowners and Charterer’s behalf with Liner, Tramp, Break bulk (liquid and dry) , Car Carrier and Chartering service in all activities such as Port operations, marketing and sales, documentation, logistics, container control M&R up to the D/A.

Fasulo Marco (Italia) offers a service to the Shipowners and Charterers covering a wide range of operations connected to the vessel’s activities at the port of loading and discharge. In other words it is the Shipowners and Charterers trustee.

Fasulo Marco (Italia) is general agent of primary Shipping Companies for which it acts on different Italian Ports.

Fasulo Marco (Italia) - Shipping Agencies NetWork

Italian Code (39)

Infoline 0933.1900900  - 335.6700675 - 346.3240066 (24 Hours Service)  

Faxes 0933.1936005 - 0933.1936333

Email: info@fasulomarco.net

Italian Vat  01215240894

Time Zone (GMT 1)




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